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At Skylake Heating & Air and Utah Geothermal, we are committed to the long-term mission of treating you like OUR family. We have a reputation of fixing the issues that others have created. We have the expertise to properly evaluate your home to maximize the cost-efficiency and comfort of your home.

Whether it's a high-seer furnace, correct capacity air conditioner, or recommending you the ultimate efficiency and longer life of Geothermal, Skylake is here to service all your needs with the industry's best warranty, helping your system perform its best.

The quality of your heating and cooling system has everything to do with its efficiency, and life of the equipment installed. Energy efficiency is critical for today’s homeowners and facility managers considering new HVAC systems—both for retrofitting aging, inefficient systems and selecting equipment for new construction projects. And the tax credits and other incentives announced through federal stimulus packages only further encourage consumers and business owners to consider more energy-efficient upgrades. But even the most energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment cannot deliver the anticipated savings, unless homeowners take advantage of, as much as 70% in some cases, geothermal heating and cooling comfort systems.

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